About us

About Stereoscopik

Our talented artists, technical directors and animators thrive on challenges that push the limits of augmented reality and 360 stereoscopic content.

We create high-end Virtual Reality, 3D animation, renders and interactive experiences. Industries who benefit from our product are among architectural, entertainment, education, resource, training and marketing industries.

The experiences we bring to life are all state-of-the-art. From fully furnished interior 3D flythroughs to interactive industrial training exercises. Consequently, we use techniques and styles mastered during twenty years of experience with local and international clients.

VR Capsules

Our Team

Alvaro Sanint

Co-Founder / CG Supervisor

Johnny Acero

Co-Founder / Producer

Andrea Labusova

Social Media Director

Sebastian Sanint


Kamil Acero

Managing Partner

Anna Zilberberg

VR Sales Manager

What do our customers say?

From pre-production to production the team showed how professional and talented they are.
I hope we can work together again in the near future, Stereoscopik delivered as promised.
Thank you for taking over the extra responsibilities and for delivering a class A product.


Stereoscopik specializes in providing our clients with a wide range of Virtual Reality related services.

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Pano VR

Panoramic VR Tours can be viewed directly inside your web browser thus providing additional portability and compatibility to your project.

aq_block_1-VR Video

VR Video

Virtual Reality Video and surround audio provide exceptional immersion transporting the viewer deep in to the prerecorded experience.

aq_block_1-Immersive VR

Immersive VR

Using the latest in VR headset technology, discover what our products can do for you. Contact us now to schedule a live demo.

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Needing API development, custom scripts or a 3D application built from the ground up? We can write it for you.


Hands on experience of what VR is about

For the best results please use a supported VR device (Google Cardboard, Mattel View-Master or Samsung Gear VR)




Real Estate


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